What proof will I need

Thanks for buying an Easy Name Change notification kit through your online divorce forms provider! You need proof of your former name before you can send off our notifications. There are different requirements depending on where you live.


You won't be able to send your name change notifications off until after you have received proof of your name change from the court. 

If your divorce is not final, you can ask the judge for an order restoring your former name. Some states can issue this while your divorce is in progress, but most will make you wait until your divorce is final. This is the simplest way forward and your name change order will be accepted everywhere.

If you did not request a court order to restore your former name, most state DMVs will accept a divorce order that lists both your married and former names. Check if your state DMV allows name change with a divorce order before applying to change your name with the SSA.


You don't need to be divorced to go back to your former name! Where any Easy Name Change notification asks for a copy of your "certificate", we mean either:

  • Your marriage certificate AND your divorce decree (preferred), OR
  • Your marriage certificate AND either your CA birth or CA citizenship certificate in your former name

If you do not provide your divorce decree some organizations may ask for proof that you have resumed use of your former name, such as updated provincial ID or a payslip. 

If you became a Canadian citizen in your married name you are unable to resume use of your former name without applying for a legal name change. Read our section on legal name change below.