Want a different name?

Not everyone wants their old name back! If the thought of returning to your former name is not appealing you may apply for a legal name change. It may cause complications if you change names during divorce proceedings, so seek advice from the court where you are getting divorced. You may need to wait until your divorce is finalized, then apply for a legal name change immedaitley after.


Some states may allow you to file your legal name change petition while divorce proceedings take place, but would typically schedule the hearing after your divorce. A legal name change order allows you to change any or all of your names. Most states charge between $60 and $200, with the average cost being $120. Expect to pay over $200 if you live in AZ, GA, MN, NJ, TX or UT. Too bad if you reside in CA, FL or LA where a change of name ranges from $300 to $500. Read more about how to legally change names.


You can request the legal name change application form a part of your Easy Name Change kit. Complete the form and file with Vital Statistics in your province. Fees vary between provinces and are between $100 and $200. Most provinces require a police check and fingerprinting. Read more about legally changing names in Canada.