(USA) I didn't request a name change order when divorcing

If your divorce is final and you didn’t ask for a name change order then check with the court to see if either your divorce decree can be amended or a name change order can be issued. Some states allow this without having to refile, including California.

If a name change order cannot be issued, you may still be able to change names without filing for a legal name change. Divorce decrees are accepted by the SSA if you have additional proof documents, but only some state DMVs allow a divorce decree without a name change order. Start by contacting your state DMV and checking if divorce decrees are accepted. If so, start by filing your name change with the SSA. Once the change is confirmed then attend the DMV in person to get updated photo ID. If your DMV does not accept a divorce order you may have no option but to file for a legal name change. Read more about legal name change here.