Getting started with your name change


The name change process can start once your divorce has been finalized by the court. We recommend ordering your Easy Name Change kit no more than 3 months before it can be used as this ensures you have the latest forms and information. Once you have proof of your new name, complete the SSA name change form or follow our instructions to complete the form online, then visit a SSA office to show original identity documents. (SSA accepts original identity documents by mail, but most people prefer to file in person as they would be without these important documents for some time).

Next, arrange for updated photo ID as many financial institutions will ask to see this. All DMVs require you to attend a license issuing center in person with original proof documents. Finally, review the Easy Name Change personalized checklist provided with your kit. Ensure you have complete the name change process for all your selected organizations. Many only need you to attach your proof of name change to our notifications and send., 


There is generally no special order to changing your name. You can update the name on your SIN record at the beginning, or you can update photo ID and bank accounts first. It may be a good idea to update photo ID earlier in the process as it may be useful as proof of your new name when visiting places like your library, doctor or when changing names anywhere in person.

Full instructions on how to use your kit are provided in the email containing your kit. The Easy Name Change guide provides a fantastic overview of the name change process. The Easy Name Change Personalized Checklist explains the name change process for all your chosen companies. Read the checklist before sending out your notifications.


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