I can't find my kit!

Our kits are only created when a customer clicks 'finalise & send'. Your kit is then created, zipped and emailed to you. If you ordered a Print & Post or Certified Kit, we then print and dispatch your order. Allow up to 15 working days for delivery.

Did you finalise your kit?

Check your kit has been finalised by logging in at Easy Name Change.

  • If your kit has been finalised you will land on the downloads page. Here you can see the type of kit purchased, download a duplicate or regenerate ready to forward emails.
  • If your kit has not been finalised you will land on the company selections page, so continue to edit and build your kit, then click 'finalise & send' when done.

So you've finalised your kit but have not received it?

Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo customers may find our emails in junk or may even be totally blocked. Some corporate emails block emails with .zip attachments. Check ALL folders (including junk and deleted items) for easynamechange. If you still can't find your kit log in at Easy Name Change and download a duplicate.

Waiting for a printed kit?

Printed & Posted Kits and Certified Kits are printed and dispatched daily. They are sent by standard mail. Allow 4 to 8 working days for delivery. Allow extra time if impacted by Christmas annd seasonal events, natural disasters or if you are in WA or a remote location. We guarantee delivery within 15 working days or we'll ship a complimentary replacement kit.