What is the difference between the kits?

All our kits kits contain exactly the same name change forms, ready to send letters, ready to forward emails, the checklist and guide. The process of building your kit is the same. All kits are delivered by email and available for download within a few minutes of you clicking 'finalise & send'.

  • Print at Home kits are only provided digitally. You need to print the letters and forms, find someone to certify/notarize your documents and arrange mailing supplies.
  • Printed and Posted kits are printed and dispatched daily. It comes in a handy folder and contains all the envelopes you need. (USA & AU includes 3 prepaid envelopes). You need to arrange your own certified copies and dispatch of printed notifications. Check the enclosure notes on each notification to know what proof documents you will need and how many should be certified.
  • Certified kits (Australia only) are printed and dispatched daily. We provide an initial consultation call to check where you are at in the process. You will receive a custom set of instructions based on your unique situation. The pack includes a registered post envelope for the secure delivery of your proof documents and signed notifications. We provide all necessary J.P. certified copies of your certificate and any identity documents provided. We check your forms are completed correctly, attach the necessary proof and send. Your proof documents are returned the next working day by registered mail and include 3 additional J.P. certified copies plus digital copies. 

All kits are sent by email. You can download a duplicate of any kit or request your ready to forward emails are resent within 90 days of finalising. Simply log into Easy Name Change and click the 'download' or 'resend emails' button.

Printed kits typically arrive within 4 to 8 working days. (Uk kits usually take about 10-12 working days). This can be delayed by seasonal events, flooding and natural disaster and for customers in WA or remote locations. We guarantee delivery within 15 working days or we will ship a complimentary replacement kit.