I can't find ready-to-forward emails

About 80% of customers receive ready-to-forward email notifications from us. If you can’t find the ready-to-forward emails, please follow these steps:

  1. Read through your company checklist and confirm you have at least one company where we are providing an email. If any companies in your checklist state to 'send the letter or email', you'll need to recall if you set your notification preference to letter or email. Where companies accept either type of notification, we only provide one as per your notification preference. If your notification preference was set to letter then check your kit for the letter instead.
  2. Once you have confirmed that you should have received ready-to-forward emails, search for noreply@easynamechange.com. These emails often go to spam. Gmail users may find our emails sorted into odd folders.
  3. Still can’t find them? Log into our site. Click ‘resend emails’. This button is only active for 90 days, as we delete your company selections and form data after this time. Login links:  USA  AU  CA  UK