My PDF’s are blank, jumbled or can’t be opened

When you open any of our PDF’s they may appear blank or jumbled. We can’t replicate or repair this as it’s caused by your computer settings and software.

There are two possible causes for blank PDFs.

1) You are not running the latest Adobe reader. Click here to get the free reader for Mac or PC.

2) Mac user’s PDFs may appear blank if you use the previewer. Ensure you fully open the PDF in Adobe.

In the unlikely event these steps don’t rectify the problem you can try opening the attachments on a different computer. Try a partner’s, friend’s or work computer.

If you are unable to find anyone who can assist you, consider upgrading to a hard copy kit by paying the difference. We’ll print and post everything to you. Click here for more information.

Please note, due to our system configuration we are unable to create any file type except PDF’s.