I need to make changes to my kit

Easy Name Change kits are a one time purchase. Once they have been emailed your transaction is considered completed.  Some customers who enter data incorrectly often only notice after checkout. All customer data is used in your kit EXACTLY as entered by the customer.  Spelling mistakes in your personal details or mixed up names are a result of customer data entry. To make changes, such as the spelling or order of your name/s, postal address, date on letters, or adding more companies, you can do so for a $5 admin fee. Simply login with the same email address and password, make the changes and then enter promo code FIXUP.

If you need to change your email address or need to make changes to a premium kit, then please contact us regarding the change. Simply reply to any email from Easy Name Change, or click here.  There is a $20 charge for changes to premium kits as they are re-printed and posted. If your change is minor you may consider simply crossing out the error and handwriting it onto each printed letter – companies will accept these amended letters.